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Our Mission is to increase HYBRID hydraulic awareness within the Injection Molding Industry.  Focused on helping North American IMM’s be competitive in a global marketplace.

Please come inside, we invite you to explore the latest technology used in our Inverter Controlled HYBRID Hydraulic Power Packs.  Chilled water heat exchangers are not required!

Injection Molding Machines sometimes run a mold or process which requires auxiliary hydraulic power.  The traditional hydraulic power pack is technology from the 1960’s which usually requires plumbing a chilled water heat exchanger, adds to the noise level of a molding facility and is an ENERGY HOG.

Few realize the AMOUNT of ENERGY CONSUMED by a standard industrial electric motor while driving a hydraulic pump at idle or standby.  The majority of the wasted energy is converted into heat which is typically absorbed by the hydraulic system or your HVAC system.
A typical mold running a core may have a 10 -15 second cycle time.  An auxiliary function takes about 1 second to “Set” and 1 second to “Pull”.  The remainder of the cycle is spent holding pressure in a static condition.  During this time the hydraulic system is maintaining pressure using a variable displacement pump or driving a fixed displacement pump which is unloaded.  Either way, little ”WORK” is being accomplished and a high amount of energy is being consumed resulting in WASTED ENERGY and EXCESSIVE HEAT.

Imagine a hydraulic system with an inverter controlled, variable speed electric motor, and this motor spins only as fast as needed to produce the required flow and pressure (speed of cylinder or hydraulic motor).  Once the desired pressure is met, the unit slows to approx. 300 rpm while maintaining pressure.  Once a hydraulic valve is shifted it will automatically sense the required power and respond by accelerating to 4,000 rpm within 1/10 of a second.  This is accomplished using an on board closed loop control system.

Another benefit of this technology is that “Heat Exchangers” are not required unless your total cycle time is less than 5 seconds.
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